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Surfacing high-impact health solutions.

Coforma’s Health+™ program applies human-centered design and research to cultivate solutions to the most pressing healthcare challenges.

About Health+™

The healthcare space innovates slowly and is failing to meet the ever-increasing need for improved service delivery and care. Hardworking clinicians, policymakers, healthcare providers, and government personnel often work in silos, engaging patients and families separately and unable to support cross-disciplinary engagement in the collective effort to improve outcomes for patients and their families.

Featured Health+ Cycles

Each Health+™ cycle is a collaborative effort that places people at the center of research, problem solving, and innovation. By hearing directly from people living with the high-impact health issue placed in focus, we ensure that future solutions are crafted to solve the most pressing challenges faced by those individuals. It all starts with a conversation.

Advancing health equity.

Health+™ helps advance health equity through patient-focused research, engagement, data, and innovation. Each Health+™ cycle brings together experts across numerous healthcare disciplines to focus on a specific, high-impact health issue, with the goal of fostering creative problem solving and solutions.

How Health+ Cycles Work

Health+™ cycles are successfully delivered through a series of connected phases.

A discussion around a specific health concern.

Working closely with partners to assess candidate health issues for program fit and budget, alignment is established around high-level goals, identification of stakeholders and key audiences, and a high-level project plan.

A comprehensive discovery process.

Discovery involves getting to know stakeholders, consuming existing research, conducting workshops, interviewing and engaging affected audiences, and synthesizing findings into a highly-functional report.

Research validation and solution ideation.

Working with subject-matter experts and target audiences, discovery findings are validated in collaborative sessions and used to identify, prioritize, and ideate around the direction of possible solutions.

Implementation of inspired solutions.

A Healthathon—a play on the typical hack-a-thon that’s focused on the creation of solutions in the healthcare space—is conducted with stakeholders, target audiences, and others as collaborators.

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Breaking silos where they’re found.

Health+™ breaks down silos between hardworking clinicians, policy makers, healthcare providers, government personnel, and others, engaging patients and families in a prismatic approach to improving outcomes for the communities affected by the health issue in focus.

Activities and Deliverables

Health+™ includes a range of activities and deliverables which can be scaled up or down to meet your budget and/or timeline.



  • Define the problem you aim to solve
  • Identify project stakeholders, collaborators, and champions
  • Align our team members, select a timeline, and identify key tasks and deliverables
  • Facilitate an initial kickoff event


  • Co-created team charter
  • Agreed-upon project goals
  • Stakeholder map and project partners contact sheet
  • Draft communications plan and digital media strategy for the cycle



  • Facilitate a project kickoff workshop(s)
  • Draft research plan
  • Consume desk research to gain a thorough understanding of the issue’s landscape
  • Recruit stakeholders and research participants
  • Conduct interviews and other research activities
  • Synthesize and validate research findings


  • Refined, data-informed problem statement
  • Research findings presented as archetypes and/or personas, themes, and journey maps
  • Opportunities and recommendations
  • Accessible research report (digital and/or print)
  • Video concept(s)
  • Website direction
  • Awards structure for Healthathon
  • Marketing and communications to support program events and increase visibility



  • Facilitate workshops or roundtables (remote or in-person)
  • Create research packages
  • Match data to personas/archetypes
  • Launch press and communications to generate buzz and interest around program events and deliverables
  • Develop theme/challenge packages that outline specific challenges to be addressed
  • Prepare technical and logistical aspects of the upcoming Healthathon


  • Ideation report
  • Updated themes
  • Validated research findings
  • Refined theme/challenge packages including discovery artifacts, data sets, and ideation outputs
  • Public presentation of research report
  • Logistical and technical guidelines for the Healthathon
  • Marketing and communications pieces to support the report and upcoming Healthathon



  • Launch press and communications to promote Healthathon participation and awareness
  • Recruit Healthathon participants and finale attendance
  • Facilitate judging of innovative solutions
  • Coordinate public presentations
  • Create research packages
  • Organize and facilitate Healthathon
  • Edit video footage from finale
  • Create website


  • Communications package including audio/visual capture of the event, social media promotion materials, and blog content
  • Healthathon kickoff event, open to the public
  • Healthathon finale event, open to the public
  • Video(s)
  • Website launch
  • Health+ cycle repository for storing reports, briefings, video recordings, visual assets, and presentations
  • Marketing and communications around the finale and awards

Establishing and building trust.

Health+™ engages the community, from patients to policy makers and from clinicians to thought leaders, on health issues that often have tense histories. We work conscientiously to understand and validate problems and opportunities, building the trust and community that are essential foundations for innovative solutions.

Work With Us

Health+™ is reachable through a number of different avenues, because bureaucracy shouldn’t get in the way of critical healthcare innovation.

Contract Vehicles

  • GSA IT Schedule 70 (prime)
  • VETS 2
  • 8(a) STARS II
  • CIO-SP3


  • 8(a) Certified
  • Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)


  • Certified Business Enterprise
GovCon Awards Winner 2022 Badge

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